Education. It is important to train our exonerees to share their stories with others. We want to establish a model to help our exonerees become community activists.


Many states do not have any compensation or re-entry programming for exonerees. We want to add our voices to these issues and create changes.


Building up our budgets so that we can open offices in other states. We would need start up funds for each state so that we can employ an exoneree in that state to build up community support for all that are released.


Applying for grants so that we can offer mental health services and support for our exonerees and their family members.


Mentoring program. We need to establish a model to pair our exonerees with a mentor that can offer emotional and physical support. Some exonerees are nervous about going places on their own.


Partnering with other organizations allowing us to network with a variety of people within our communities.