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Juan Rivera

Exoneree and Founding Director

Exonerees face challenges that are unknown to many. We want to enlighten the community about these challenges and find ways to alleviate them. JustUs 4 JustUs continues to speak to community groups, schools and individuals. It is our responsibility to use our experiences to bring about change,

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Juan Rivera and myself, Kristine Bunch, are both exonerees. We know what it is like to re-enter society after a huge time-lapse. We want to use our experiences to assist new exonerees as they are released.

When an exoneree is released, their situation just 'is' what it is and it will take all of 'us' to make a difference. Juan and I were released with nothing...not even a toothbrush. People from our communities reached out to assist both of us. Not every exoneree has someone to assist them with rebuilding their lives. We are building a community of volunteers to assist exonerees immediately after release. This will include everything from a toothbrush, a haircut, interview prep,a shirt, computer assistance or a place to live. We need everyone's assistance. Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money, services and time...

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To build a community for exonerees that will assist them with all aspects of reintegration.


for every


Kristine Bunch

Exoneree and Executive Director

Everyone has something to offer....

We are not simply seeking monetary donations. We are asking everyone in the community to help with what they can. Doctor visits, dental visits, clothing, haircuts, mentors and so much more.


Photos courtesy of Andy Goodwin

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To raise awareness

To educate everyone and raise awareness for these pressing issues. Imagine what it would be like to walk into the world with a ten or twenty year gap, no family, no basic necessities, no where to go and no money. 


With all needs

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